Victoria Series Release Notes


New Features

  • A new Cetus Datasource has been introduced to include Cetus entities (cluster and pod) in Vitrage Entity Graph. Cetus is a self-developed openstack solution of k8s on openstack. It can automatically create multiple instances, and automatically deploy multiple k8s clusters on instances. Cetus mainly represents the self-developed openstack project and the multi-cluster k8s project, so it can be operated through openstack authentication access. Cetus mainly includes cetus.cluster, cetus.pod, cetus.node corresponding to k8s cluster, pod, node, among cetus.node is vm instance or bm instance in openstack, so only includes cetus.cluster and cetus.pod in the cetus datasource. At this point, Cetus entities are extracted using PULL approach, based on periodical snapshot-query to Cetus API for the current list of Cetus entities.