Train Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Starting with Train release Vitrage supports database migrations. It means that starting U release you will be able to upgrade Vitrage from the previous release.


New Features

  • Added a new API to show vitrage status.

  • Added a new API to list all vitrage template versions supported.

  • A new Kapacitor Datasource was added, to handle alerts coming from Kapacitor. Kapacitor is an alarming engine in the TICK Stack. It is build on an Open Source core, processing metric of host or instance store in InfluxDB to export alerts.

  • A new Monasca Datasource has been introduced to include Monasca alarms in Vitrage Entity Graph. Monasca is Monitoring as a Service solution offering centralized monitoring sink for metrics gathered by Monasca Agents at many infrastructure levels. Moreover it provides alarm management API that enables defining alarms based on collected metrics. This change is the first stage of integration with Monasca. At this point, Monasca entities are extracted using PULL approach, based on periodical snapshot-query to Monasca Alarm API for the current list of alarm entities. In the future, PUSH approach based on Monasca notifications will be implemented. Current implementation requires that the metrics associated with the given alarm contain information about resource type and ID - required for associating alarms with entities in Vitrage Entity Graph. This additional information should be included in the form of metric dimensions, precisely resource_type and resource_id. Dimensions can be defined in Monasca agent configuration.

  • Added support to overwrite existing template when adding one.

  • Added support to show and delete template by name.