Pike Series Release Notes



Horizon Plugin for Container Management service is released as Zun UI. Zun UI work with Horizon, and service user interfaces for container management to users. For example, Zun UI provides table views and details view for container, these views have twelve operations for container. Also, this has WebSocket-based console view. Zun UI is implemented Angular-based, and supports latest features in Horizon.

New Features

  • [blueprint add-container-operations] Operations for container, such as ‘Start’, ‘Stop’, ‘Restart’, ‘Pause’, ‘Unpause’, ‘Execute Command’ and ‘Send Kill Signal’, are added. Also, while loading details view, then logs of container are shown in ‘Logs’ tab.

  • [blueprint interactive-mode] Support pseudo-tty and stdin of container using serial console module in Horizon via WebSocket. “console” tab is added into details view. When user displays details view, if “tty” option for the container is enabled, Zun UI gets the URL for container “tty” from docker and accesses the “tty” via WebSocket to realize console on the browser.

  • [blueprint add-images-panel] The panel for container images management is added for admin users. This panel shows table view for images and has “pull” action to store image as global action. The actions we can use are only “pull” for now.

Other Notes

  • Switch to reno for managing release notes.

  • Support python 3.5.

  • Use only tox for test and remove run_tests.sh that is no longer used.

  • Switch theme for documentation from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme.

  • Use pbr autodoc feature rather than custom logic.