Rocky Series Release Notes



Various improvements, addition of functions, including addition of container group (capsule) operation panel, were implemented. For more details, please see the features section.

New Features

  • [manage-security-groups] Added Manage Security Groups action to manage associations between security groups and ports on container.

  • [blueprint capsule] Added capsule panel for user. This panel has CRUD operations for container groups.

  • [blueprint image-host] To clarify the host that has the image to be operated, host parameter was added into image operation. This parameter is implemented in Zun UI too.

  • [blueprint rebuild-action] Added rebuild action into containers panel as item action. User can rebuild container with same or other image.

  • New statuses for container, DELETING, REBUILDING, DEAD and RESTARTING are added.

  • New parameters for container, disk, availablity_zone and auto_heal are added.

  • The runtime option for container creation accepts as string. Previously the runtime option was a drop down menu with only runc option. User was not able to enter new runtimes configured by them. To accept any string, the runtime option was changed to the field.

Upgrade Notes

  • [blueprint capsule] To enable capsule panel, copy zun-ui/zun_ui/enabled/ into horizon’s enabled directory.

Bug Fixes

  • [bug/1763250] Fixed issue the conflict between retry and auto_remove options. To avoid this conflict, auto_remove option will be cleared when retry option is set.

  • [bug/1777545] Fixed issue the deleted item is selected again with batch delete. Item selections on table view for batch actions are not cleared after execution of actions. To ensure to clear item selections, hzTable:clearSelection event is emitted.

  • [bug/1746706] Reproduced navigations when refreshing details view. Previously the fix for [bug/1681627] allowed us to reload or directly open Angular-based detail page (ngdetail), but the navigation menu was not reproduced correctly.