Train Series Release Notes


New Features

  • [blueprint add-admin-containers-panel] Added containers panel fro admin. Differences from project side is as follows:

    Allowed actions for admin:

    • update

    • rebuild

    • start / stop / restart

    • kill

    • delete with force

    Not allowed actions for admin:

    • create

    • manage security group

    • pause / unpause

    • execute

    • delete

    • delete with stop

    Not allowed view for admin:

    • logs tab on details view

    • console tab on details view

Bug Fixes

  • [bug/1797285] The command parameter has changed from string to list.

  • [bug/1799125] Changed the dialog for deleting image to common deletion confirm dialog. Deleting image API requres only id and does not need host parameter no longer. And it means the dialog to specify the host that delete the image from is unnecessary.

  • [bug/1798702] Added “host” column into images table view for admin.