Role - tripleo-image-serve

Role Documentation

Welcome to the “tripleo_image_serve” role documentation.

Role Defaults

This section highlights all of the defaults and variables set within the “tripleo_image_serve” role.

# All variables intended for modification should be placed in this file.

# NOTE(cloudnull): This role used to use a non-namespaced option, which has a high
#                  probability of creating conflicts with other roles in the greater
#                  ansible ecosystem. To ensure that we're able to retain existing
#                  variable functionality the "modules" option will supersede
#                  "tripleo_modules" if defined. This default should be removed
#                  just as soon as we're validate that the non-namespaced option
#                  is no longer in use.

# defaults file for apache-image-serve

tripleo_container_registry_host: "{{ container_registry_host | default('localhost')\
  \ }}"
tripleo_container_registry_port: "{{ container_registry_port | default('8787') }}"
tripleo_image_data_dir: "{{ image_data_dir | default('/var/lib/image-serve') }}"

Molecule Scenarios

Molecule is being used to test the “tripleo_image_serve” role. The following section highlights the drivers in service and provides an example playbook showing how the role is leveraged.

Scenario: legacy_vars

Driver: podman
Example legacy_vars playbook
- name: Converge
  hosts: all
  - role: tripleo_image_serve
    container_registry_host: localhost
    container_registry_port: 8787
    image_data_dir: /var/lib/image-serve-legacy

Scenario: default

Driver: podman
Example default playbook
- name: Converge
  hosts: all
  - role: tripleo_image_serve