Role - tripleo-systemd-wrapper

An Ansible role to manage systemd wrappers in TripleO.

What it does

In a nutshell, this role helps to configure systemd so it manages side car containers (e.g. dnsmasq, HAproxy, keepalived, etc, requested by Neutron agents).

Underneath, this role creates four files:

  • /etc/systemd/system/<service>.path

This file will allow the host to monitor changes to /var/lib/<service>/<service>-processes-timestamp which keeps track of the service processes in a text file. <service>-processes-timestamp file is managed by the <service>-wrapper script with a flock to avoid race conditions.

  • /etc/systemd/system/<service>.service

This file is the SystemD service that will run the synchronization of processes. It is run as “Type=oneshot” because we just want the unit to execute the <service>-process-sync script without keeping active processes. In this Ansible role, we automatically enable and start this service.

  • /var/lib/<service>/<service>/wrapper

Script that wrap the service lifecycle management. It takes care of starting the side containers everytime the service is called. Because it’s a wrapper, the script has to be bind mounted from the host into the container.

e.g.: /var/lib/neutron/neutron-dnsmasq/wrapper:/usr/local/bin/dnsmasq:ro

So in the case of Neutron DHCP agent, when an operator will create a network, Neutron will call dnsmasq which will actually call our side container wrapper.

  • /var/lib/neutron/<service>/process-sync

This script helps to keep the list of processes (side containers) up to date, so we don’t create more than one container per namespace. We use flock to avoid a race condition if at the same time the wrapper is called. The flock protects the list of processes and also the timestamps.


It requires systemd on the host. This role isn’t designed nor tested to run within a container.

Role variables

  • tripleo_systemd_wrapper_cmd: – Command to run in the container.

  • tripleo_systemd_wrapper_config_bind_mount: – Bind-mount used for container config.

  • tripleo_systemd_wrapper_container_cli: – Name of the container cli command to use (podman | docker).

  • tripleo_systemd_wrapper_docker_additional_sockets: – Additional docker sockets to use when interacting with docker

  • tripleo_systemd_wrapper_image_name: – Container image name.

  • tripleo_systemd_wrapper_service_dir: – Directory where state files will be created.

  • tripleo_systemd_wrapper_service_kill_script: – Name of the script to create for the kill action

  • tripleo_systemd_wrapper_service_name: – Name of the service to wrap in Systemd.

Example Playbook

Sample playbook to call the role:

- name: Create Neutron dnsmasq systemd wrapper
  hosts: all
    - tripleo-systemd-wrapper
    tripleo_systemd_wrapper_cmd: "/usr/sbin/dnsmasq -k"
    tripleo_systemd_wrapper_config_bind_mount: "/var/lib/config-data/puppet-generated/neutron/etc/neutron:/etc/neutron:ro"
    tripleo_systemd_wrapper_container_cli: podman
    tripleo_systemd_wrapper_image_name: ""
    tripleo_systemd_wrapper_service_dir: /var/lib/neutron
    tripleo_systemd_wrapper_service_kill_script: dnsmasq-kill
    tripleo_systemd_wrapper_service_name: neutron-dnsmasq

Role Documentation

Welcome to the “tripleo-systemd-wrapper” role documentation.