Role - tuned

Role Documentation

Welcome to the “tuned” role documentation.

Role Defaults

This section highlights all of the defaults and variables set within the “tuned” role.

# All variables intended for modification should be placed in this file.

tuned_profile: throughput-performance
tuned_custom_profile: ''
tuned_isolated_cores: ''

# Packages installed on the local system. Allows user to define this list
# otherwise it will inherit from the OS specific variable file(s).
tuned_system_packages: '{{ _tuned_system_packages | default([]) }}'

Role Variables: redhat.yml

- tuned

Molecule Scenarios

Molecule is being used to test the “tuned” role. The following section highlights the drivers in service and provides an example playbook showing how the role is leveraged.

Scenario: isolated

Driver: docker
Example isolated playbook
- name: Converge
  hosts: all
    tuned_system_packages: tuned-profiles-cpu-partitioning
    tuned_profile: cpu-partitioning
    tuned_isolated_cores: '1'
  - role: tuned

Scenario: default

Driver: docker
Example default playbook
- name: Converge
  hosts: all
  - role: tuned