How to add a TripleO job to your projects check pipeline

To ensure a non-TripleO project’s changes work with TripleO an additional check job can be added to the project’s job definitions in OpenStack’s project config

Project Config Example

In this case we’ll use openstack/neutron as an example to understand how this works. Note that this is only an example and this job may not be appropriate for your project, we will cover how to pick a job later on in this documentation. Browse through the layout.yaml file in the project-config repository until you find:

- name: openstack/neutron
    - name: merge-check
    - ...
    - ...
    - ...
    - ...
    - gate-tripleo-ci-centos-7-nonha-multinode-oooq-nv

The above configuration will run the TripleO job gate-tripleo-ci-centos-7-nonha-multinode-oooq-nv without voting (nv). This type of job is used to inform the reviewers of the patch whether or not the change under review works with TripleO.

How to pick which job to execute for any given OpenStack project

TripleO can deploy a number of different OpenStack services. To best utilize the available upstream CI resources TripleO uses the same concept as the puppet-openstack-integration project to define how services are deployed. The TripleO documentation regarding services can be found here. Review the TripleO documentation and find a scenario that includes the services that your project requires to be tested. Once you have determined which scenario to use you are ready to pick a TripleO check job.

The following is a list of available check jobs:


Note over time additional scenarios will be added and will follow the same pattern as the job names listed above.

Adding a new non-voting check job

Find your project in layout.yaml. An example of a project will look like the following example:

- name: openstack/$project
    - ...
    - ...

Note $project is the name of your project.

Under the section named check, add the job that best suits your project. Be sure to add -nv to the job name to ensure the job does not vote:

  - ...
  - ...
  - $job-nv

Enabling voting jobs

If your project is interested in gating your project with a voting version of a TripleO job, you can follow the openstack/mistral project’s example in layout.yaml

For example:

- name: openstack/mistral
    -name: merge-check
    - ...
    - ...
    - ...
    - ...
    - gate-tripleo-ci-centos-7-scenario003-multinode-oooq-puppet
    - gate-tripleo-ci-centos-7-scenario003-multinode-oooq-puppet

Note the example does not append -nv as a suffix to the job name

Troubleshooting a failed job

When your newly added job fails, you may want to download its logs for a local inspection and root cause analysis. Use the tripleo-ci gethelogs script for that.

Enabling tempest tests notification

There is a way to get notifications by email when a job finishes to running tempest. People interested to receive these notifications can submit a patch to add their email address in this config file. Instructions can be found here.

featureset override

In TripleO CI, we test each patchset using different jobs. These jobs are defined using featureset config files. Each featureset config file is mapped to a job template that is defined in tripleo-ci. Tempest tests are basically triggered in scenario jobs in order to post validate the a particular scenario deployment. The set of tempest tests that run for a given TripleO CI job is defined in the featureset config files. You may want to run a popular TripleO CI job with a custom set of Tempest tests and override the default Tempest run. This can be accomplished through adding the featureset_overrides var to zuul job config vars: section. The allowed featureset_override are defined in the tripleo-ci run-test role. This setting allows projects to override featureset post deployment configuration. Some of the overridable settings are:

  • run_tempest: To run tempest or not (true|false).

  • tempest_whitelist: List of tests you want to be executed.

  • test_black_regex: Set of tempest tests to skip.

  • tempest_format: To run tempest using different format (packages, containers, venv).

  • tempest_extra_config: A dict of additional tempest config to be overridden.

  • tempest_plugins: A list of tempest plugins needs to be installed.

  • standalone_environment_files: List of environment files to be overriden by the featureset configuration on standalone deployment. The environment file should exist in tripleo-heat-templates repo.

  • test_white_regex: Regex to be used by tempest

  • tempest_workers: Numbers of parallel workers to run

  • standalone_container_cli: Container cli to use

  • tempest_private_net_provider_type: The Neutron type driver that should be used by tempest tests.

For a given job tripleo-ci-centos-7-scenario001-multinode-oooq-container, you can create a new abstract layer job and overrides the tempest tests:

- job:
    name: scn001-multinode-oooq-container-custom-tempest
    parent: tripleo-ci-centos-7-scenario001-multinode-oooq-container
        run_tempest: true
          - 'tempest.scenario.test_volume_boot_pattern.TestVolumeBootPattern.test_volume_boot_pattern'
          - 'keystone_tempest_plugin'
        tempest_format: 'containers'
        tempest_extra_config: {'compute-feature-enabled.attach_encrypted_volume': 'True',
                               'auth.tempest_roles': '"Member"'}
          - 'python2-keystone-tests-tempest'
          - 'python2-cinder-tests-tempest'
        tempest_workers: 1
          - 'tempest.api.identity'
          - 'keystone_tempest_plugin'
          - 'environments/low-memory-usage.yaml'
          - 'ci/environments/scenario003-standalone.yaml'
        standalone_container_cli: docker

In a similar way, for skipping Tempest run for the scenario001 job, you can do something like:

- job:
    name: scn001-multinode-oooq-container-skip-tempest
    parent: tripleo-ci-centos-7-scenario001-multinode-oooq-container
        run_tempest: false

Below is the list of jobs based on tripleo-puppet-ci-centos-7-standalone which uses featureset_override and run specific tempest tests against puppet projects:

  • puppet-nova

    • job name: puppet-nova-tripleo-standalone

    • tempest_test: compute

  • puppet-horizon

    • job name: puppet-horizon-tripleo-standalone

    • tempest_test: horizon

  • puppet-keystone

    • job name: puppet-keystone-tripleo-standalone

    • tempest_test: keystone_tempest_plugin & identity

  • puppet-glance

    • job name: puppet-glance-tripleo-standalone

    • tempest_test: image

  • puppet-cinder

    • job name: puppet-cinder-tripleo-standalone

    • tempest_test: volume & cinder_tempest_tests

  • puppet-neutron

    • job name: puppet-neutron-tripleo-standalone

    • tempest_test: neutron_tempest_tests & network

  • puppet-swift

    • job name: puppet-swift-tripleo-standalone

    • tempest_test: object_storage