emit-releases-file and releases.sh

The emit-releases-file tool is a python script that lives in the tripleo-ci repo under the scripts/emit_releases_file directory. This script produces an output file called releases.sh containing shell variable export commands. These shell variables set the release name and hash for the installation and target (versions) of a given job. For example, installing latest stable branch (currently stein) and upgrading to master. The hash is the delorean repo hash from which the packages used in the job are to be installed.

The contents of releases.sh will differ depending on the type of upgrade or update operation being performed by a given job and this is ultimately determined by the featureset. Each upgrade or update related featureset sets boolean variables that signal the type of upgrade performed. For example featureset050 is used for undercloud upgrade and it sets:

undercloud_upgrade: true

The releases.sh for an undercloud upgrade job looks like:

#!/bin/env bash
export UNDERCLOUD_INSTALL_HASH="c5b283cab4999921135b3815cd4e051b43999bce_5b53d5ba"
export UNDERCLOUD_TARGET_HASH="be90d93c3c5f77f428d12a9a8a2ef97b9dada8f3_5b53d5ba"
export OVERCLOUD_DEPLOY_HASH="be90d93c3c5f77f428d12a9a8a2ef97b9dada8f3_5b53d5ba"
export OVERCLOUD_TARGET_HASH="be90d93c3c5f77f428d12a9a8a2ef97b9dada8f3_5b53d5ba"
export STANDALONE_DEPLOY_HASH="be90d93c3c5f77f428d12a9a8a2ef97b9dada8f3_5b53d5ba"
export STANDALONE_DEPLOY_NEWEST_HASH="b4c2270cc6bec2aaa3018e55173017c6428237a5_3eee5076"
export STANDALONE_TARGET_NEWEST_HASH="b4c2270cc6bec2aaa3018e55173017c6428237a5_3eee5076"
export STANDALONE_TARGET_HASH="be90d93c3c5f77f428d12a9a8a2ef97b9dada8f3_5b53d5ba"

As can be seen there are three different groups of keys set: UNDERCLOUD_INSTALL and UNDERCLOUD_TARGET is one group, then OVERCLOUD_DEPLOY and OVERCLOUD_TARGET, and finally STANDALONE_DEPLOY and STANDALONE_TARGET. For each of those groups we have the _RELEASE name and delorean _HASH. Since the example above is generated from an undercloud upgrade job/featureset only the undercloud related values are set correctly. The values for OVERCLOUD_ and STANDALONE_ are set to the default values with both _DEPLOY and _TARGET referring to master.

Where is releases.sh used

The releases script is not used for all CI jobs or even for all upgrades related jobs. There is a conditional in the tripleo-ci run-test role which determines the list of jobs for which we use emit-releases-file. In future we may remove this conditional altogether.

Once it is determined that the releases.sh file will be used, a list of extra RELEASE_ARGS is compiled to be passed into the subsequent quickstart playbook invocations. An example of what these RELEASE_ARGS looks like is:

--extra-vars @/home/zuul/workspace/.quickstart/config/release/tripleo-ci/CentOS-7/master.yml -e dlrn_hash=be90d93c3c5f77f428d12a9a8a2ef97b9dada8f3_5b53d5ba -e get_build_command=be90d93c3c5f77f428d12a9a8a2ef97b9dada8f3_5b53d5ba

The RELEASE_ARGS are resolved by a helper function get_extra_vars_from_release. As you can see this function uses the release name passed in via the _RELEASE value from the releases.sh to set the right release configuration file from the tripleo-quickstart config/release/ directory which sets variables for the ansible execution. It also sets the dlrn_hash which is used to setup the right repo and thus versions of packages and finally the get_build_command is used to make sure we have the right containers for the job.

As you can see in the list of compiled RELEASE_ARGS the INSTALL or TARGET are passed in to the get_extra_vars_from_release function, depending on the playbook:

declare -A RELEASE_ARGS=(
    ["multinode-undercloud.yml"]=$(get_extra_vars_from_release \
    ["multinode-undercloud-upgrade.yml"]=$(get_extra_vars_from_release \

So for the multinode-undercloud.yml use INSTALL_RELEASE but for multinode-undercloud-upgrade.yml use TARGET_RELEASE and HASH.