Gating github projects using TripleO CI jobs

In TripleO deployment, we consume OpenStack and non-openstack projects. In order to catch issues early, every patchset of the OpenStack projects is gated with TripleO CI jobs using Zuul.

With the help of an RDO software factory instance, we can also now gate non-openstack projects hosted on Github.

ceph-ansible and podman are the two non-openstack projects which are heavily used in TripleO deployments and are hosted on github and for which we have enabled TripleO CI jobs via github pull requests as described below.

Jobs running against ceph-ansible

ceph-ansible is used to deploy Ceph in standalone scenario 1 and 4 jobs. These jobs are defined in rdo-jobs repo.

On any ceph-ansible pull request, A user can trigger these jobs by leaving a comment with ‘check-rdo’ on a pull request. It is currently done manually by the OpenStack developers.

Then, those jobs will appear in the RDO software factory Zuul status page under github-check pipeline.

On merged patches, periodic jobs are also triggered in openstack-periodic-weekend pipeline.

Jobs running against podman

In TripleO, OpenStack services are running in containers. The container lifecycle, healthcheck and execution is managed via systemd using paunch. Paunch under the hood uses podman.

The podman utility comes from libpod project.

Currently on each libpod pull request, tripleo ci based jobs get triggered automatically and get queued in github-check pipeline in RDO software factory Zuul instance.

TripleO jobs related to podman are defined in rdo-jobs-repo.

For gating libpod project, we run keystone based scenario000 minimal tripleo deployment job which tests the functionality of podman with keystone services. It takes 30 mins to finish the tripleo deployment.

Below is the example job definition for scenario000-job:

- job:
    name: tripleo-podman-integration-rhel-8-scenario000-standalone
    parent: tripleo-ci-base-standalone-periodic
    nodeset: single-rhel-8-node
    branches: ^master$
    run: playbooks/podman/install-podman-rpm.yaml
      - name:
      featureset: '052'
      release: master
      registry_login_enabled: false
          - 'environments/low-memory-usage.yaml'
          - 'ci/environments/scenario000-standalone.yaml'
          - 'environments/podman.yaml'
        run_tempest: false
        use_os_tempest: false

For re-running the tripleo jobs on libpod pull request, we can add check-github comment on the libpod pull requests itself.

On merged patches, periodic jobs also get triggerd in openstack-regular rdo-job-pipeline.

Report bugs when Jobs start failing

TripleO Jobs running against libpod and ceph-ansible projects might fail due to issue in libpod/ceph-ansible or in TripleO itself.

Once the status of any job is FAILED or POST_FAILURE or RETRY_LIMIT. Click on the job link and it will open the build result page. Then click on log_url, click on the job-output.txt. It contains the results of ansible playbook runs. Look for ERROR or failed messages. If looks something obvious. Please go ahead and create the bug on launchpad against tripleo project with all the information.

Once the bug is created, please add depcheck tag on the filed launchpad bug. This tag is explicitly used for listing bugs related to TripleO CI job failure against ceph-ansible and podman projects.

check-rdo vs check-github

check-rdo and check-github comments are used to trigger TripleO based zuul jobs against github projects (ceph-ansible/podman) ‘s pull requests.


On commenting check-rdo or check-github, not all jobs will appears in the github-manual pipeline. It depends whether the jobs are configured in the particular pipeline to get triggered. If the jobs are not defined there then, nothing will happen.


It is used against ceph-ansible pull requests especially. The jobs will be gets triggered and land in github-check pipeline.


If a TripleO job fails against ceph-ansible or podman PRs, then it can be relaunched using check-github comment. The job will appear in github-manual pipeline.

Using Depends-On on ceph-ansible/podman pull requests

One can also create/put OpenStack or RDO gerrit reviews against ceph-ansible/podman pull requests by putting Depends-On: <openstack/rdo gerrit review link> in the first message of the github pull request.