Bug reports

If you encounter any problems with tripleo-quickstart or if you have feature suggestions, please feel free to open a bug report in our issue tracker. Please add the tag “quickstart” to the bug.


If you fix a problem or implement a new feature, you may submit your changes via Gerrit. The tripleo-quickstart project uses the OpenStack Gerrit workflow.

You can anonymously clone the repository via git clone

If you wish to contribute, you’ll want to get setup by following the documentation available at How To Contribute.

Once you’ve cloned the repository using your account, install the git-review tool, then from the tripleo-quickstart repository run:

git review -s

After you have made your changes locally, commit them to a feature branch, and then submit them for review by running:

git review

Your changes will be tested by our automated CI infrastructure, and will also be reviewed by other developers. If you need to make changes (and you probably will; it’s not uncommon for patches to go through several iterations before being accepted), make the changes on your feature branch, and instead of creating a new commit, amend the existing commit, making sure to retain the Change-Id line that was placed there by git-review:

git ci --amend

After committing your changes, resubmit the review:

git review
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