TripleO deployments and Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Brief Introduction

Production deployments of Red Hat Openstack Platform should be executed by following the official Red Hat documentation

TripleO-Quickstart is a tool to assist development, test and continuous integration environments and there is no official support for deploying Red Hat OpenStack Platform with TripleO-Quickstart.

It is appropriate to use TripleO-Quickstart and the released Red Hat OpenStack Platform yum repos provided by Red Hat Subscription Manager (RHSM) for development and test purposes.

Using TripleO-Quickstart with RHSM yum repos

Under the config/release directory of the TripleO-Quickstart git repository there is a sample configuration file for RHOSP 11:


To use this configuration one must fill out a few values in the configuration:

rhsm_username: The rhn/rhsm user account name
rhsm_password: The rhn/rhsm user password
pool_id: the `product or subscription id [1]

Under the config/environments directory of the TripleO-Quickstart git repository there is a configuration file for Red Hat Enterprise Linux based deployments:


An example invocation of TripleO-Quickstart:

./ -R rhos-11-rhn-baseos-undercloud -E baseos_rhel_libvirt --tags all $VIRTHOST

[1] product subscription documentation