Environment Configuration

TripleO-Quickstart has the requirement and capacity to execute in several different environments and using different types of systems to bootstrap the environments.

Some known examples of different environments are:

  • upstream OpenStack CI

  • CI CentOS (ci.centos.org)

  • local libvirt environments

  • running OVB based deployments in various clouds

  • Using a CentOS or RHEL qcow2 image without preinstalled OpenStack RPMS.

  • Developer environments with libvirt in privileged mode

Anything defined in an environment configuration file should not impact or overwrite a variable in a featureset, topology or release configuration file. There should be no intersection of variables between the three types of configuration.

You will find environment configuration files under $repo/config/environments. Some of the environment configuration will be stored in TripleO Quickstart or TripleO Quickstart Extras, however sometimes the configuration is specific to CI and may only exist in the environment itself. For example variables specific to executing TripleO Quickstart in upstream will live in https://opendev.org/openstack/tripleo-ci/src/branch/master/toci-quickstart

Example Invocation:

quickstart.sh -E config/environments/default_libvirt.yml $VIRTHOST