Release notes

The release notes for a patch should be included in the patch.

If the following applies to the patch, a release note is required:

  • Upgrades

    • The deployer needs to take an action when upgrading

    • A new config option is added that the deployer should consider changing from the default

    • A configuration option is deprecated or removed

  • Features

    • A new feature or driver is implemented

    • Feature is deprecated or removed

    • Current behavior is changed

  • Bugs

    • A security bug is fixed

    • A long-standing or important bug is fixed

  • APIs

    • REST API changes

Zun uses reno to generate release notes. Please read the docs for details. In summary, use

$ tox -e venv -- reno new <bug-,bp-,whatever>

Then edit the sample file that was created and push it with your change.

To see the results:

$ git commit  # Commit the change because reno scans git log.

$ tox -e releasenotes

Then look at the generated release notes files in releasenotes/build/html in your favorite browser.