Welcome to Zun’s documentation!

What is Zun?

Zun is an OpenStack Container service. It aims to provide an API service for running application containers without the need to manage servers or clusters.

It requires the following additional OpenStack services for basic function:

It can also integrate with other services to include:

For End Users

As an end user of Zun, you’ll use Zun to create and manage containerized workload with either tools or the API directly. All end user (and some administrative) features of Zun are exposed via a REST API, which can be consumed directly. The following resources will help you get started with consuming the API directly.

Alternatively, end users can consume the REST API via various tools or SDKs. These tools are collected below.

  • Horizon: The official web UI for the OpenStack Project.

  • OpenStack Client: The official CLI for OpenStack Projects.

  • Zun Client: The Python client for consuming the Zun’s API.

For Operators


The detailed install guide for Zun. A functioning Zun will also require having installed Keystone, Neutron, and Kuryr-libnetwork. Please ensure that you follow their install guides first.

For Contributors

If you are new to Zun, the developer quick-start guide should help you quickly setup the development environment and get started. There are also a number of technical references on various topics collected in contributors guide.

Additional Material