Contribute to OpenStack documentation tools

If you would like to contribute to OpenStack documentation tools, you are welcome to submit a patch or file a bug against the toolkit.

Contribute to the tool development

To contribute to the development of openstack-doc-tools, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Complete the procedures described in the Developers Guide.

  2. Follow OpenStack Style Commandments while developing improvements for the tool.

  3. Run tests before you submit your change request.

    For now, the documentation toolkit is tested with basic flake8 and bashate tests. A test suite would be welcome.

  4. Submit your change for review through the Gerrit tool as described in the gerrit workflow.


    Pull requests submitted through GitHub will be ignored.


To be able to run "tox -e py27" successfully locally, add jinja2 and markupsafe to your local test-requirements.txt file to have them installed in your local virtual environment.

File a bug against the tools

If you experience an issue while using the tools, file a bug on Launchpad in the openstack-doc-tools project. Do not file issues on GitHub.