Each RST source file has the tree structure. Define up to three heading levels within one file using the following non-alphanumeric characters:

  • Heading 1 - underline and overline with equal signs;

    • Heading 2 - underline with dashes;

      • Heading 3 - underline with tildes.


Heading 1

Body of the first level section that includes general overview
of the subject to be covered by the whole section.
Can include several focused Heading-2-sections.

Heading 2

Body of the second level section that gives detailed explanation of one
of the aspects of the subject. Can include several Heading-3-sections.

Within user guides, it is mostly used to entitle a procedure with a set
of actions targeted at a single task performance.
For example, "Associate floating IP addresses".

Heading 3

Body of the third level section.
It includes very specific content, and occurs mainly in guides containing
technical information for advanced users.


Under- and overlines should be of the same length as that of the heading text.

Avoid using lower heading levels by rewriting and reorganizing the information.