Linux Image

At the moment the best way to build a Linux image with the murano agent is to use disk image builder.


Disk image builder requires sudo rights

The process is quite simple. Let’s assume that you use a directory ~/git for cloning git repositories:

export GITDIR=~/git
mkdir -p $GITDIR

Clone the components required to build an image to that directory:

git clone
git clone

Install diskimage-builder

sudo pip install diskimage-builder

Install additional packages required by disk image builder:

sudo apt-get install qemu-utils curl python3-tox

Export paths where additional dib elements are located:

export ELEMENTS_PATH=$GITDIR/murano/contrib/elements:$GITDIR/murano-agent/contrib/elements

Build Ubuntu-based image with the murano agent:

disk-image-create vm ubuntu murano-agent -o murano-agent.qcow2

If you need a Fedora based image, replace ‘ubuntu’ to ‘fedora’ in the last command.

It’ll take a while (up to 30 minutes if your hard drive and internet connection are slow).

When you are done upload the murano-agent.qcow2 image to glance and play :)