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So You Want to Contribute…

For general information on contributing to OpenStack, please check out the contributor guide to get started. It covers all the basics that are common to all OpenStack projects: the accounts you need, the basics of interacting with our Gerrit review system, how we communicate as a community, etc.

Below will cover the more project specific information you need to get started with OpenStack-Ansible.


IRC channel


The OpenStack Community moved the IRC network from Freenode to OFTC on May 31, 2021. All the current IRC channels used in The OpenStack community are registered in OFTC network too.

The OpenStack-Ansible community communicates in the #openstack-ansible IRC channel hosted on OFTC. This channel is logged, and its logs are published on http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23openstack-ansible/.

Weekly meetings are held in our IRC channel. The schedule and logs can be found on http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/#OpenStack_Ansible_Deployment_Meeting. The agenda for the next meeting can be found on our Meetings wiki page.

Mailing lists

Members of the OpenStack-Ansible community should monitor the OpenStack-discuss mailing lists.

All our communications should be prefixed with [openstack-ansible].

Contacting the Core Team

All of our core team is available through IRC and present in #openstack-ansible channel on OFTC. The list of the current members of the OpenStack-Ansible Team might be found on gerrit.

New Feature Planning

If you would like to contribute towards a role to introduce an OpenStack or infrastructure service, or to improve an existing role, the OpenStack-Ansible project would welcome that contribution and your assistance in maintaining it.

Please look through Contributor Guidelines page for more information about the process.

Task Tracking

We track our tasks in Launchpad

If you’re looking for some smaller, easier work item to pick up and get started on, search for the ‘low-hanging-fruit’ tag.

Reporting a Bug

You found an issue and want to make sure we are aware of it? You can do so on Launchpad.

Also you may find more detailed information about how to work with bugs on the page Bug Handling

Getting Your Patch Merged

Any new code will be reviewed before merging into our repositories and requires at least 2 approvals from our Core team.

We follow openstack guidelines for the code reviewing process.

Please be aware that any patch can be refused by the community if they don’t match the General Guidelines for Submitting Code.

Project Team Lead Duties

All common PTL duties are enumerated in the PTL guide.

All Core reviewer duties are described on the page Core Reviewers.