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Back up and restore your cloud

For disaster recovery purposes, it is a good practice to perform regular backups of the database, configuration files, network information, and OpenStack service details in your environment. For an OpenStack cloud deployed using OpenStack-Ansible, back up the /etc/openstack_deploy/ directory.

Back up and restore the /etc/openstack_deploy/ directory

The /etc/openstack_deploy/ directory contains a live inventory, host structure, network information, passwords, and options that are applied to the configuration files for each service in your OpenStack deployment. Back up the /etc/openstack_deploy/ directory to a remote location.

To restore the /etc/openstack_deploy/ directory, copy the backup of the directory to your cloud environment.

Database backups and recovery

MySQL data is available on the infrastructure nodes. You can recover databases, and rebuild the galera cluster. For more information, see Galera cluster recovery.