Multiple Overclouds from a Single Undercloud

TripleO can be used to deploy multiple Overclouds from a single Undercloud node.

In this scenario, a single Undercloud deploys and manages multiple Overclouds as unique Heat stacks, with no stack resources shared between them. This can be useful for environments where having a 1:1 ratio of Underclouds and Overclouds creates an unmanageable amount of overhead, such as edge cloud deployments.


All Overclouds must be deployed in the same tenant (admin) on the Undercloud. If using Ironic for baremetal provisioning, all Overclouds must be on the same provisioning network.

Undercloud Deployment

Deploy the Undercloud as usual.

First Overcloud

The first Overcloud can be deployed as usual using the cli.

Deploying Additional Overclouds

Additional Overclouds can be deployed by specifying a new stack name and any necessary parameters in a new deployment plan. Networks for additional overclouds must be defined as custom networks with name_lower and service_net_map_replace directives for each overcloud to have unique networks in the resulting stack.

If your first cloud was named overcloud and had the following network_data.yaml:

cat overcloud/network_data.yaml
 - name: InternalApi
   name_lower: internal_api_cloud_1
   service_net_map_replace: internal_api
   vip: true
   vlan: 201
   ip_subnet: ''
   allocation_pools: [{'start': '', 'end': ''}]

You would create a new network_data.yaml with unique name_lower values and VLANs for each network, making sure to specify service_net_map_replace:

cat overcloud-two/network_data.yaml
 - name: InternalApi
   name_lower: internal_api_cloud_2
   service_net_map_replace: internal_api
   vip: true
   vlan: 301
   ip_subnet: ''
   allocation_pools: [{'start': '', 'end': ''}]

Then deploy the second Overcloud as:

openstack overcloud deploy --templates ~/overcloud-two/templates/ \
 --stack overcloud-two \
 -n ~/overcloud-two/network_data.yaml

Managing Heat Templates

If the Heat templates will be customized for any of the deployed clouds (undercloud, or any overclouds) they should be copied from /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates to a new location before being modified. Then the location would be specified to the deploy command using the –templates flag.

The templates could be managed using separate directories for each deployed cloud:


Or by creating a repository in a version control system for the templates and making a branch for each deployment. For example, using git:

~stack/tripleo-heat-templates $ git branch
* master

To deploy to a specific cloud, ensure you are using the correct branch first:

cd ~stack/tripleo-heat-templates ;\
git checkout overcloud-two ;\
openstack overcloud deploy --templates ~stack/tripleo-heat-templates --stack overcloud-two -e $ENV_FILES

Using Pre-Provisioned Nodes

Deploying multiple overclouds with the Ironic baremetal installer currently requires a shared provisioning network. If this is not possible, you may use the Deployed Servers method with routed networks. Ensure that the values in the HostnameMap match the stack name being used for each Overcloud.

For example: hostnamemap.yaml for stack overcloud:

    overcloud-controller-0: controller-00-rack01
    overcloud-controller-1: controller-01-rack02
    overcloud-controller-2: controller-02-rack03
    overcloud-novacompute-0: compute-00-rack01
    overcloud-novacompute-1: compute-01-rack01
    overcloud-novacompute-2: compute-02-rack01

hostnamemap.yaml for stack overcloud-two:

    overcloud-two-controller-0: controller-00-rack01
    overcloud-two-controller-1: controller-01-rack02
    overcloud-two-controller-2: controller-02-rack03
    overcloud-two-novacompute-0: compute-00-rack01
    overcloud-two-novacompute-1: compute-01-rack01
    overcloud-two-novacompute-2: compute-02-rack01