Deploying Octavia in the Overcloud

This guide assumes that your undercloud is already installed and ready to deploy an overcloud with Octavia enabled. Please note that only container deployments are supported.

Preparing to deploy

TripleO can upload an Octavia Amphora image to the overcloud if one is available when deploying.

Configuring the amphora image

If the Octavia Amphora image is available when deploying it should be placed in a readable path with the default location being a good choice. On CentOS, the default location is:


If deploying on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the default location is:


On Red Hat Enterprise Linux, downloading an image may be unnecessary as the amphora image may already be installed.

If using a non-default location, make sure to specify the location through the OctaviaAmphoraImageFilename variable in an environment file. For example:

    OctaviaAmphoraImageFilename: /usr/share/openstack-images/amphora-image.qcow2


Home directories are typically not readable by the workflow tasks that upload the file image to Glance. Please use a generally accessible path.

Deploying the overcloud with the octavia services

To deploy Octavia services in the overcloud, include the sample environment file provided. For example:

openstack overcloud deploy --templates \
-e /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/services/octavia.yaml \
-e ~/containers-default-parameters.yaml


Don’t forget to include any additional environment files containing parameters such as those for the amphora image file.

Uploading/Updating the amphora image after deployment

Uploading a new amphora image to Glance in the overcloud can be done after deployment. This may be required if the amphora image was not available at the time of deployment or the image needs to be updated.

There are two Octavia specific requirements:

-  The image must be tagged in Glance (default value 'amphora-image')

-  The image must belong the 'service' project

To upload an amphora image into glance:

openstack image create --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare \
    --tag 'amphora-image' --file [amphora image filename] \
    --project service new-amphora-image


The amphora image tag name can be customized by setting the OctaviaAmphoraImageTag variable. Note that if this is changed after deployment, Octavia will not be able to use any previously uploaded images until they are retagged.