Deploying custom tuned profiles

TripleO can be used to deploy Overcloud nodes with different tuned profiles in addition to custom tuned profiles.

Deploying with existing tuned profiles

Create an environment file, e.g. ~/tuned.yaml, with the following content:

  TunedProfileName: throughput-performance

Deploy the Overcloud as usual using the CLI and pass the environment file using the -e option:

openstack overcloud deploy --templates -e ~/tuned.yaml

In the above example, the throughput-performance tuned profile will be applied to the overcloud nodes. The TunedProfileName parameter may be set to any tuned profile already on the node.

Deploying with custom tuned profiles

If the tuned profile you wish to apply is not already on the overcloud node being deployed, then TripleO can create the tuned profile for you and will set the name of the new profile to whatever TunedProfileName parameter you supply.

The following example creates a custom tuned profile called my_profile which inherits from the existing throughput-performance tuned profile and then adds a few extra tunings:

  TunedCustomProfile: |
    summary=my profile
    vm.dirty_ratio = 10
    vm.dirty_background_ratio = 3
  TunedProfileName: my_profile

The above will create the file /etc/tuned/my_profile/tuned.conf on the overcloud nodes and tuned.conf will contain the tuned directives defined by the TunedCustomProfile parameter. The TunedCustomProfile parameter should be set to a multiline string using YAML’s literal block scalar (i.e. the pipe ‘|’) and that string should contain valid tuned directives in INI format.