Ocata Series Release Notes


Security Issues

  • Passwords generated by the OS::Heat::RandomString resource may have had less entropy than expected, depending on what is specified in the character_class and character_sequence properties. This has been corrected so that each character present in any of the specified classes or sequences now has an equal probability of appearing at each point in the generated random string.

  • Heat no longer uses standard Python RNG when generating values for OS::Heat::RandomString resource, and instead relies on system’s RNG for that.


New Features

  • OS::Aodh::CompositeAlarm resource plugin is added to manage Aodh composite alarm, aim to replace OS::Aodh::CombinationAlarm which has been deprecated in Newton release.

  • OS::Cinder::QoSAssociation resource plugin is added to support cinder QoS Specs Association with Volume Types, which is provided by cinder qos-specs API extension.

  • Designate v2 resource plugins OS::Designate::Zone and OS::Designate::RecordSet are newly added.

  • A new resource plugin OS::Keystone::Domain is added to support the lifecycle of keystone domain.

  • The resource mark unhealthy command now accepts either a logical resource name (as it did previously) or a physical resource ID to identify the resource to be marked unhealthy.

  • New resource OS::Neutron::Quota is added to manage neutron quotas.

  • New resource OS::Nova::Quota is added to enable an admin to manage Compute service quotas for a specific project.

  • A new resource OS::Sahara::Job has been added, which allows to create and launch sahara jobs. Job can be launched with resource-signal.

  • Custom constraints for all sahara resources added - sahara.cluster, sahara.cluster_template, sahara.data_source, sahara.job_binary, sahara.job_type.

  • OS::Nova::Server now supports ephemeral_size and ephemeral_format properties for block_device_mapping_v2 property. Property ephemeral_size is integer, that require flavor with ephemeral disk size greater that 0. Property ephemeral_format is string with allowed values ext2, ext3, ext4, xfs and ntfs for Windows guests; it is optional and if has no value, uses default, defined in nova config file.

  • New OS::Zaqar::Notification and OS::Zaqar::MistralTrigger resource types allow users to attach to Zaqar queues (respectively) notifications in general, and notifications that trigger Mistral workflow executions in particular.

Deprecation Notes

  • Designate v1 resource plugins OS::Designate::Domain and OS::Designate::Record are deprecated.

Bug Fixes

  • ‘CEPHFS’ can be used as a share protocol when using OS::Manila::Share resource.