Zed Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Honor hidden parameter in get stack environment API. Now values passed to hidden parameters are replaced by ‘**’, similarly to the other APIs such as show stack details API.


New Features

  • OS::Neutron::FloatingIPPortForward added. This feature allows an operator to create port-forwarding rules in Neutron for their floating ips.

  • Adding REBUILD option for user_data_update_policy so that changes to user_data can be updated instead of a new create.

  • Adds the ‘availability_zone_hints’ property for the OS::Neutron::Router, OS::Neutron::Net and OS::Neutron::ProviderNet resources.

  • Added OS::Neutron::QoSMinimumPacketRateRule resource to support minimum_packet_rate_rule in Neutron QoS. This resource depends on Neutron API extension qos-pps-minimum and according to the default policy it is admin-only.

Upgrade Notes

  • The remaining deprecated parameters for Cloud Watch API have been removed.

  • Python 3.6 & 3.7 support has been dropped. The minimum version of Python now supported is Python 3.8.

Other Notes

  • Allow Heat resources to accept more than one required_service_extension. For cases where a resource required multiple service extensions. A developer can now provide a list of those extensions.