Victoria Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Honor hidden parameter in get stack environment API. Now values passed to hidden parameters are replaced by ‘**’, similarly to the other APIs such as show stack details API.



There was a mismatch between the way heat create role behaved with the templates or with the openstack CLI on what relates to the default domain if the domain is not specified on both cases the CLI will not assign on to the created new role but the heat templates will assign the “default” domain

New Features

  • The lb_algorithm property of OS::Octavia::Pool resource now supports SOURCE_IP_PORT option required for Octavia OVN provider driver.

Critical Issues

  • Templates that creates roles but does not specify the domain will not get a “default” domain from now on. To have a domain added to your new role it needs to be assigned in the template.

Bug Fixes

  • The ordering in the list of segments returned by OS::Neutron::Net resources is not predictable. Stack updates changeing attributes of the network can cause the list of segments to shift.

    The ordering is now slightly more predictable, segments with name=``None`` are now placed first in the list. This doesn’t guarantee the order, but typically only the segment implicitly created by neutron has no name attribute set. The template author should ensure other segments on the network does have a name set, so that the implicit segment will always be index 0. Resolving attributes of the implcitly created segment on the network resource can then predictibly happen using index 0. See bug: 1894920.


New Features

  • Added dns_domain property to resource type OS::Neutron::ProviderNet. This specifies the DNS domain to use when publishing DNS records for ports on this network.

  • Added propagate_uplink_status property to resource type OS::Neutron::Port. This resource depends on Neutron API extension uplink-status-propagation and the default is False. If this property is set to True, the VF link state can follow that of PF.

Upgrade Notes

  • Manila resources now use the ‘sharev2’ endpoint and API version ‘2.13’.

Deprecation Notes

  • The OS::Designate::Zone resource type’s masters property is now known as primaries. Existing templates will continue to work.

Bug Fixes

  • The OS::Heat::Delay resource type is now usable.

  • OS::Manila::Share now properly supports ‘cephx’ as a value for property ‘{“access_rules”: [{“access_type”: “”}]}’.