Mitaka Series Release Notes



Mitaka release is a short-cycle release to compensate for the delayed Liberty release and get the project in sync with Openstack release cycles

New Features

  • Heat support for the whole BGPVPN Interconnection API

  • BaGPipe driver improvement for a clean integration in the Neutron OpenVSwitch agent (see Bug 1492021). Instead of requiring to use a modified OVS agent, we now provide an extension that is loaded into the unmodified OVS agent.

  • OpenDaylight driver now supports Router associations

  • Pre-commit hooks were added in the driver framework, and then leveraged in BaGPipe and OpenDaylight drivers

Bug Fixes

  • with BaGPipe driver, the OVS agent does not lose BGPVPN flows on restart (Bug 1531459)