Victoria Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • Python 2.7 support has been dropped. Last release of networking-bgpvpn to support Python 2.7 is OpenStack Train. The minimum version of Python now supported by networking-bgpvpn is Python 3.6.

  • Horizon is now an optional dependency of networking-bgpvpn as the GUI support is optional. This means horizon will not be installed automatically. The horizon dependency is now declared in extras section in setup.cfg. If you would like to enable the GUI support, you can install the dependencies using python -m pip install networking-bgpvpn[horizon] (or .[horizon] in case you install it from the source code).


Other Notes

  • The obsolete in-tree drivers for OpenContrail and OpenDaylight have been removed, in favor of the out-of-tree drivers provided by these projects.


New Features

  • The the ‘local_pref’ attribute of a Heat BGPVPN resource can now be controlled in a Heat template.

  • The Heat plugin for the BGPVPN interconnection API extension now supports BGPVPN Port Association resources.

  • The bgpvpn-routes-control API extension is introduced, allowing control of BGPVPN routing with a finer grain, including API-defined static routes pointing to Neutron ports, or BGPVPN route leaking via Neutron ports.

Other Notes

  • The BGPVPN reference driver bagpipe, for use with Neutron linuxbridge or OVS reference drivers, has adopted OVO-based RPCs. A v2 driver is provided to avoid the production of old-style RPCs.


New Features

  • Add vni optional attribute to bgpvpn resource to control the VXLAN VNI when VXLAN encapsulation is used.

  • BGPVPNs of type L2 are now supported with Neutron ML2 reference drivers (OVS and linuxbridge).

Deprecation Notes

  • The first OpenContrail Driver was not developed with production ready in mind, it was more a proof of concept. We do not recommend to use it in production. Instead a production ready driver is available in the OpenContrail monolithic Neutron core plugin tree.

New Features

  • The BGPVPN Interconnection API can now be enabled by adding bgpvpn to service_plugins in neutron.conf, instead of the verbose


New Features

  • The API now supports filtering BGPVPN resources based on the networks or routers they are associated with.



The ovs/bagpipe driver now let you use both a Neutron router and a BGPVPN association simultaneously on a given Port.

New Horizon panels for BGPVPN resources, allowing you to create a bgpvpn and to associate related resources such as a network or a router.

New Features

  • The bagpipe driver now let happily coexist a BGPVPN association and a Neutron router. Traffic that does not match any VPN route will be handled by the Neutron router. This evolution depends on corresponding evolutions in networking-bagpipe and bagpipe-bgp. (see bug 1627645)

  • Horizon:
    • a view of all the existing BGPVPNs.

    • ability to view details of a BGPVPN.

    • ability to create, update and delete BGPVPN resources for an admin user.

    • ability to update BGPVPN resources for a tenant user. (with restrictions, compared to what an admin user can change)

    • abiity to associate/disassociate BGPVPN to/from networks and routers (for both tenant and admin users)



Mitaka release is a short-cycle release to compensate for the delayed Liberty release and get the project in sync with Openstack release cycles

New Features

  • Heat support for the whole BGPVPN Interconnection API

  • BaGPipe driver improvement for a clean integration in the Neutron OpenVSwitch agent (see Bug 1492021). Instead of requiring to use a modified OVS agent, we now provide an extension that is loaded into the unmodified OVS agent.

  • OpenDaylight driver now supports Router associations

  • Pre-commit hooks were added in the driver framework, and then leveraged in BaGPipe and OpenDaylight drivers

Bug Fixes

  • with BaGPipe driver, the OVS agent does not lose BGPVPN flows on restart (Bug 1531459)