Newton Series Release Notes



The ovs/bagpipe driver now let you use both a Neutron router and a BGPVPN association simultaneously on a given Port.

New Horizon panels for BGPVPN resources, allowing you to create a bgpvpn and to associate related resources such as a network or a router.

New Features

  • The bagpipe driver now let happily coexist a BGPVPN association and a Neutron router. Traffic that does not match any VPN route will be handled by the Neutron router. This evolution depends on corresponding evolutions in networking-bagpipe and bagpipe-bgp. (see bug 1627645)

  • Horizon:
    • a view of all the existing BGPVPNs.

    • ability to view details of a BGPVPN.

    • ability to create, update and delete BGPVPN resources for an admin user.

    • ability to update BGPVPN resources for a tenant user. (with restrictions, compared to what an admin user can change)

    • abiity to associate/disassociate BGPVPN to/from networks and routers (for both tenant and admin users)