Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The bgpvpn-routes-control API extension is introduced, allowing control of BGPVPN routing with a finer grain, including API-defined static routes pointing to Neutron ports, or BGPVPN route leaking via Neutron ports.

Other Notes

  • The BGPVPN reference driver bagpipe, for use with Neutron linuxbridge or OVS reference drivers, has adopted OVO-based RPCs. A v2 driver is provided to avoid the production of old-style RPCs.


New Features

  • Add vni optional attribute to bgpvpn resource to control the VXLAN VNI when VXLAN encapsulation is used.

  • BGPVPNs of type L2 are now supported with Neutron ML2 reference drivers (OVS and linuxbridge).

Deprecation Notes

  • The first OpenContrail Driver was not developed with production ready in mind, it was more a proof of concept. We do not recommend to use it in production. Instead a production ready driver is available in the OpenContrail monolithic Neutron core plugin tree.