Newton Series Release Notes



Host Configuration data population from agentless OpenDayLight.

Full sync supports and ODL controller with no Neutron resources on it. This support is for the V2 driver, as V1 driver already supports this.

Journal recovery for the V2 driver handles failed journal entries.

Maintenance thread for the V2 driver.

Remove LbaaS v1 driver, as LbaaS removed v1 API.

Agentless Port binding controller using agentdb for persistency with ODL provided host configuration.

QoS Driver V1 for networking-odl.

Networking SFC V1 driver for networking-odl.

Support for vlan-transparency.

New Features

  • This configuration is used to get the information about physical host type and other config data like supported vnic types stored in ovsdb. Networking-odl can fetch this info from OpenDaylight via REST API request and feed agents_db table in neutron, which will be used by neutron scheduler.

  • The full sync process looks for a “canary” network on the ODL controller side. If such a network is found, it doesn’t do anything. If the network is missing then all the neutron resources are re-created on ODL. This supports cases when ODL controller comes online with no Neutron resources on it (also referred to as “cold reboot”, but can happen on various cases).

  • The journal recovery mechanism handles failed journal entries by inspecting ODL and deciding on the correct course of action. This support should be sufficient for the majority of entry failures.

  • The maintenance thread was introduced in the V2 driver in order to perform various journal maintenance tasks, such as * Stale lock release * Completed entry cleanup * Full sync * Journal recovery The thread runs in a configurable interval and is HA safe so at most one will be executing regardless of how many threads are running concurrently.

  • Reads host configuration from ODL using a REST/get and stores the information in Neutron agentdb for persistency. This host configuration is read back from agentdb and applied during port binding. Without this feature several out-of-sync race conditions were caused due to incorrect host information.

  • A new driver to integrate OpenStack neutron QoS API with OpenDayLight backend. It supports CRUD operations for QoS policy and its associated rules. The QoS driver in tree is of version v1, which does not log the operation request in journal table.

  • First version of the driver to support networking-sfc API through OpenDaylight controller. This driver support CRUD operation for flow classifier, port-pair, port-pair-group and port-pair-chain. This is version 1 driver and does not support the journal based implementation.

  • The extension vlan-transparent is supported for Newton release, unconditionally only vxlan is considered to support its extension independent of ODL openstack provider. It’s future work to allow ODL openstack provider to report list of supported network types at start up statically.

Known Issues

  • Currently only network type of VXLAN is statically considered to support vlan-transparent independently of OpenDaylight openstack provider. It should use capability report by OpenDaylight openstack provider statically instead of static hard code.

Upgrade Notes

  • Maintenace lock table was added to synchronize multiple threads.

  • Upgrade to use LBaaS v2 driver and migrate to use LBaaS v2 driver.

Deprecation Notes

  • LBaaS v1 API driver for ODL is removed. * LBaaS v2 API driver

Bug Fixes

  • Includes the following bug fixes Bug 1608659 - pseudo_agentdb_binding AttributeError.

Other Notes