Stein Series Release Notes


Deprecation Notes



Support for bgpvpn-vni.

Ceilometer is marked as deprecated beginning with Stein cycle to be removed in release T

Agent aliveness will be ignored during port binding.

New Features

  • BGPVPN OpenDaylight v2 driver will be enhanced to support bgpvpn-vni extension. Bgpvpn VNI resource represents the VNI to use on VXLAN encapsulated packets transferred to or from ODL managed computes themselves or for traffic from ODL-managed computers towards the DC-Gateway. Acceptance and realisation of the vni attribute in a bgpvpn is available in OpenDaylight(ODL) controller from Neon release of ODL

Deprecation Notes

  • Ceilometer driver should not be part of networking-odl because it forces a hard dependency with ceilometer into the project which does not really make sense. As such, it was decided the driver will be marked as deprecated beginning with Stein cycle and removed in the beginning of release T

Other Notes

  • During scale tests we saw that neutron agent aliveness mechanism is not working properly and was marking agents as down and thus failing on port binding. We assessed that aliveness in our context is not actually interesting, as we only use the agentdb mechanism to store the information we need for port binding.

    As a result of this assessment we decided to remove the aliveness awareness from the code and try to bind the port disregarding that. The consequence of this is that a “neutron agent-list” call might show the agent as dead or alive but that’s not information we should depend on to understand if we are binding to that node.