Pike Series Release Notes



Completed rows are deleted by default.

Agent aliveness will be ignored during port binding.

Upgrade Notes

  • Completed rows will now be immediately deleted upon completion. To retain the completed rows, set the completed_rows_retention configuration value explicitly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes ODL Neutron NB URL path for SFC v2 Driver.

Other Notes

  • During scale tests we saw that neutron agent aliveness mechanism is not working properly and was marking agents as down and thus failing on port binding. We assessed that aliveness in our context is not actually interesting, as we only use the agentdb mechanism to store the information we need for port binding.

    As a result of this assessment we decided to remove the aliveness awareness from the code and try to bind the port disregarding that. The consequence of this is that a “neutron agent-list” call might show the agent as dead or alive but that’s not information we should depend on to understand if we are binding to that node.



Network Statistics From OpenDaylight.

Allocate a neutron port for each subnet to service DHCP requests within OpenDaylight controller DHCP service.

OpenDaylight feature negotiation allows for networking_odl to adapt its behavior to the features supported by the specific ODL version.

Eliminate network topology based port binding

As the QoS v2 driver adapted new framework from OpenStack neutron’s qos driver framework, QoS v1 driver using notification_drivers is no longer needed.

update the default value of supported network type for ovs-set-hostconfig. enable ‘flat’ by default ‘flat’ type wasn’t enabled because legacy netvirt doesn’t support it. Now new netvirt is introduced to deprecate legacy netvirt and New netvirt supports flat. So update default value for network type to reflect it.

networking-odl adopts version number aligned with neutron from Pike release. The version number is bumped 11.x.x.

Websocket-client provides framework to create webscket clients for ODL.

New Features

  • Add a ceilometer driver to collect network statistics information using REST APIs exposed by network-statistics module in OpenDaylight.

  • The feature is to be enabled only for ml2 mechanism V2 Driver, when config parameter enable_dhcp_service is set to True in ml2_conf.ini. Creates a new DHCP Neutron port to be serviced by OpenDaylight Netvirt when a Subnet is created or updated with enable-dhcp parameter. The allocated port is to be removed when the Subnet is deleted or updated with disbale-dhcp parameter. The port is identifed with device-id as OpenDaylight-<subnet-id> and device-owner as network:dhcp.

  • Networking-odl first attempts to read the ODL features from the odl_features config value. If this config value is not present, networking-odl requests the features from ODL via REST call. Note that this occurs during the plugin initialize and if ODL is unreachable networking-odl will keep trying until successful, essentially blocking networking-odl initialization (and functionality) until successful. As such, it is recommended that in production environments you manually configure the odl_features config value. If you are not sure which features your ODL supports, please consult the ODL documentation or you can retrieve the list like this, $ curl -u <user>:<pass> http://<host>:8080/restconf/operational/neutron:neutron/features | python -mjson.tool Note that the features returned in the json have a namespace which should be omitted from the config value. So, if you got to features, say neutron-extensions:feature1 and neutron-extensions:feature2, the config file should have, odl_features=feature1,feature2

  • Features include callback on new notifications and callback on reconnection which includes status information.

Upgrade Notes

  • If network topology based port binding, network-topology, is used, migrate to pseodu agent based port binding, pseudo-agentdb-binding.

  • Removing QoS V1 driver which is using deprecated notification driver framework from OpenStack Neutron’s QoS driver base.

  • If you’re still using legacy netvirt, you need to disable flat network type explicitly when issuing set-ovs-hostconfig command.

Deprecation Notes

  • The QoS V1 driver is deprecated in the Pike cycle and will be removed in the Queens release.

  • network topology based port binding was removed. So is network-topology value for port_binding_controllers. Migrate pseudo-agentdb-binding port binding.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes full sync errors with SFCv2 driver.

Other Notes

  • version is bumped to 11:pike from 4:ocata.