Rocky Series Release Notes


Deprecation Notes



Agent aliveness will be ignored during port binding.

Other Notes

  • During scale tests we saw that neutron agent aliveness mechanism is not working properly and was marking agents as down and thus failing on port binding. We assessed that aliveness in our context is not actually interesting, as we only use the agentdb mechanism to store the information we need for port binding.

    As a result of this assessment we decided to remove the aliveness awareness from the code and try to bind the port disregarding that. The consequence of this is that a “neutron agent-list” call might show the agent as dead or alive but that’s not information we should depend on to understand if we are binding to that node.



OpenStack neutron allows L3 flavors to enable multiple L3 backends in the same cloud. This is ODL L3 flavor driver to implement L3 flavors for OpenStack Neutron and OpenDaylight integration.

The config option odl_features_json has been added to allow specifying features in the same format ODL returns during negotiation.

The v1 drivers, which were deprecated in the Queens cycle, are removed. All existing usages should be updated to use the v2 drivers.

New Features

  • L3 flavor driver to implement L3 resource operation callbacks related to router and floating ip create delete and update.

  • The odl_features_json option accepts a JSON compatible with the JSON response from ODL’s API for retrieving features (“/restconf/operational/neutron:neutron/features”).

    If this option is configured, networking_odl will not query ODL for its feature support and will instead use the configured value. If odl_features and odl_features_json are both specified, odl_features_json will take precedence and odl_features will not be used at all.

Upgrade Notes

  • The configuration upgrades are required to enable l3 flavors, service_providers should be added to neutron.conf based on flavor used.

  • If you’ve been using v1 drivers, update your configuration to use the v2 drivers. Otherwise, neutron won’t boot properly if v1 drivers are still used.

Critical Issues

  • The v1 drivers are removed. If you’re still using v1 drivers, migrate to use the v2 drivers.