Newton Series Release Notes

Newton Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Initial release of the OpenStack Networking service (neutron) integration with Open Virtual Network (OVN), a component of the the Open vSwitch project. OVN provides the following features either via native implementation or conventional agents:

    • Layer-2 (native OVN implementation)

    • Layer-3 (native OVN implementation or conventional layer-3 agent) The native OVN implementation supports distributed routing. However, it currently lacks support for floating IP addresses, NAT, and the metadata proxy.

    • DHCP (native OVN implementation or conventional DHCP agent) The native implementation supports distributed DHCP. However, it currently lacks support for IPv6, internal DNS, and metadata proxy.

    • Metadata (conventional metadata agent)

    • DPDK - Usable with OVS via either the Linux kernel datapath or the DPDK datapath.

    • Trunk driver - Driver to back the neutron’s ‘trunk’ service plugin

    The initial release also supports the following Networking service API extensions:

    • agent

    • Address Scopes *

    • Allowed Address Pairs

    • Auto Allocated Topology Services

    • Availability Zone

    • Default Subnetpools

    • DHCP Agent Scheduler **

    • Distributed Virtual Router *

    • DNS Integration *

    • HA Router extension *

    • L3 Agent Scheduler *

    • Multi Provider Network

    • Network Availability Zone **

    • Network IP Availability

    • Neutron external network

    • Neutron Extra DHCP opts

    • Neutron Extra Route

    • Neutron L3 Configurable external gateway mode *

    • Neutron L3 Router

    • Network MTU

    • Port Binding

    • Port Security

    • Provider Network

    • Quality of Service

    • Quota management support

    • RBAC Policies

    • Resource revision numbers

    • Router Availability Zone *

    • security-group

    • standard-attr-description

    • Subnet Allocation

    • Tag support

    • Time Stamp Fields

    (*) Only applicable if using the conventional layer-3 agent.

    (**) Only applicable if using the conventional DHCP agent.

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