Rocky Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Upon adding an IP address to the allowed_address_pairs field of a Neutron’s port, networking-ovn will look if that IP address matches with the IP of an existing port in the same network and set its type to “virtual” (if it does match). By doing that, networking-ovn tells OVN that this virtual port is not bound to any VIF (required for VRRP configuration).



Support the Neutron Agent API

New Features

  • Networking-ovn will now expose ovn-controller status via the Neutron Agent API.



Support migration from an existing ML2OVS tripleo deployment to ML2OVN tripleo deployment.

New Features

  • A migration tool is provided to carry out in-place migration of an existing ML2OVS tripleo deployment to ML2OVN. Please see the relevant documentation section for more information.

Upgrade Notes

  • The ovsdb_probe_interval configuration option was changed from 0 (disabled) to 60 seconds.

Bug Fixes

  • Networking-ovn was not supporting the network’s dns_domain option. This is now supported during network’s creation. Updating ‘dns_domain’ during network update is not completely supported. All the existing ports are not updated with the new network’s dns_domain in OVN Northbound db.

  • In a HA environment, when OVSDB server fails over to a different controller, the connection change is not detected by neither neutron-server nor ovn-metadata-agent. In order to fix this issue, a 60 seconds interval probe (by default) is now sent by OVSDB server clients.



support for binding a SR-IOV port in a networking-ovn deployment.

Support distributed floating IP.

New Features

  • networking-ovn ML2 mechanism driver now supports binding of direct(SR-IOV) ports. Traffic Control(TC) hardware offload framework for SR-IOV VFs was introduced in Linux kernel 4.8. Open vSwitch(OVS) 2.8 supports offloading OVS datapath rules using the TC framework. By using OVS version 2.8 and Linux kernel >= 4.8, a SR-IOV VF can be controlled via Openflow control plane.

  • Now distributed floating IP is supported and a new configuration option enable_distributed_floating_ip is added to ovn group to control the feature.

  • Use native OVN DNS support if “dns” extension is loaded and “dns_domain” is defined.

  • Added a new mechanism that periodically detects and fix inconsistencies between resources in the Neutron and OVN database.

  • New option “enable-chassis-as-gw” to select gateway router. For external connectivity, gateway nodes have to set ovn-cms-options with enable-chassis-as-gw in Open_vSwitch table’s external_ids column.

    $ovs-vsctl set open . external-ids:ovn-cms-options=”enable-chassis-as-gw”

    Networking-ovn will parse ovn-cms-options and select this chassis if it has proper bridge mappings. This helps admin to exclude compute nodes to host gateway routers as they are more likely to be restarted for maintenance operations. If no chassis with enable-chassis-as-gw and proper bridge mappings available, then chassis with only bridge mappings are selected for scheduling router gateway.

    This is not a config option enabled through conf files. Instead admin has to set it through openstack installer or manually in Open_vSwitch table.

Upgrade Notes

  • Adds a new dependency on the Oslo Futurist library.