Stein Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The configuration option ovs_integration_bridge used by networking-ovn metadata agent can only lead to problems as the bridge used by ovn-controller to install the flows is stored in OVSDB. The metadata agent will now use OVSDB instead of the configuration option to plug its ports, as a mismatch between both will break metadata. There is no real use case for this option to exist and systems currently using it will not be impacted by this change. For more information see bug 1799216.



Support the Neutron Agent API

New Features

  • Networking-ovn will now expose ovn-controller status via the Neutron Agent API.

  • Added config options ovn_dhcp4_global_option and ovn_dhcp6_global_options. These options allow configuring DHCP options that will be enforced on all subnets controlled by networking_ovn.

  • Added VLAN tenant network support in networking-ovn when used with OVN version 2.11 or higher.

Upgrade Notes

  • If ovn_dhcp4_global_option or ovn_dhcp6_global_options is set, all existing subnets will be checked and updated when Neutron is started.