Mitaka Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The openstack-ansible-galera_server role will now prevent deployers from changing the galera_cluster_name variable on clusters that already have a value set in a running galera cluster. You can set the new galera_force_change_cluster_name variable to True to force the galera_cluster_name variable to be changed. We recommend setting this by running the galera-install.yml playbook with -e galera_force_change_cluster_name=True, to avoid changing the galera_cluster_name variable unintentionally. Use with caution, changing the galera_cluster_name value can cause your cluster to fail, as the nodes won’t join if restarted sequentially.


Bug Fixes

  • The --compact flag has been removed from xtrabackup options. This had been shown to cause crashes in some SST situations


Upgrade Notes

  • The MariaDB wait_timeout setting is decreased to 1h to match the SQL Alchemy pool recycle timeout, in order to prevent unnecessary database session buildups.