Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The galera cluster now supports cluster health checks over HTTP using port 9200. The new cluster check ensures a node is healthy by running a simple query against the wsrep sync status using monitoring user. This change will provide for a more robust cluster check ensuring we have the most fault tolerant galera cluster possible.

  • Galera healthcheck has been improved, and relies on an xinetd service. By default, the service is unaccessible (filtered with the no_access directive). You can override the directive by setting any xinetd valid value to galera_monitoring_allowed_source.


Bug Fixes

  • Mysql cnf files can now be properly overridden. The config_template module has been extended to support valueless options, such as those that are found in the my.cnf file(i.e. quick under the mysqldump section). To use valueless options, use the ignore_none_type attribute of the config_template module.


Known Issues

  • MariaDB 10.1+ includes PrivateDevices=true in its systemd unit files to add extra security around mount namespaces for MariaDB. While this is useful when running MariaDB on a bare metal host with other services, it is less useful when MariaDB is already in a container with its own namespaces. In addition, LXC 2.0.8 presents /dev/ptmx as a bind mount within the container and systemd 219 (on CentOS 7) cannot make an additional bind mount of /dev/ptmx when PrivateDevices is enabled.

    Deployers can galera_disable_privatedevices to yes to set PrivateDevices=false in the systemd unit file for MariaDB on CentOS 7. The default is no, which keeps the default systemd unit file settings from the MariaDB package.

    For additional information, refer to the following bugs:


New Features

  • Implements SSL connection ability to MySQL. galera_use_ssl option has to be set to true (default), in this case playbooks create self-signed SSL bundle and sets up MySQL configs to use it or distributes user-provided bundle throughout Galera nodes.


New Features

  • The filename of the apt source can now be defined with the variable filename inside the dicts galera_repo and galera_percona_xtrabackup_repo.

  • Capping the default value for the variable galera_wsrep_slave_threads to 16 when the user doesn’t configure this variable. Default value is the number of vCPUs available on the machine with a capping value of 16.

  • Capping the default value for the variable galera_max_connections to 1600 when the user doesn’t configure this variable. Default value is 100 times the number of vCPUs available on the machine with a capping value of 1600.

  • You can specify the galera_package_arch variable to force a specific architecture when installing percona and qpress packages. This will be automatically calculated based on the architecture of the galera_server host. Acceptable values are x86_64 for Ubuntu-16.04 and RHEL 7, and ppc64le for Ubuntu-16.04.

Upgrade Notes

  • The galera_server role now installs MariaDB server version 10.1.

  • For systems using the APT package manager, the sources files for the MariaDB and Percona repos now have consistent names, ‘MariaDB.list’ and ‘Percona.list’.

  • The galera_mariadb_apt_server_package and galera_mariadb_yum_server_package variables have been renamed to galera_mariadb_server_package.

  • The galera_apt_repo_url and galera_yum_repo_url variables have been renamed to galera_repo_url.

Bug Fixes

  • Systems using systemd (like Ubuntu Xenial) were incorrectly limited to a low amount of open files. This was causing issues when restarting galera. A deployer can still define the maximum number of open files with the variable galera_file_limits (Defaults to 65536).

  • The percona repository stayed in placed even after a change of the variable use_percona_upstream. From now on, the percona repository will not be present unless the deployer decides to use_percona_upstream. This also fixes a bug of the presence of this apt repository after an upgdrade from Mitaka.

Other Notes

  • XtraBackup is currently on version 2.4.5 for ppc64le architecture when pulling deb packages from the repos.

  • XtraBackup is currently on version 2.4.5 for amd64 architecture when pulling rpm/deb packages from the repos. To pull the latest available 2.4 branch version from the yum/apt repository set the use_percona_upstream variable to True. The default behavior using deb packages is unchanged.