Ussuri Series Release Notes

New Features

  • The galera_server role now includes the functionality from the galera_client role, and can optionally install the client and server components. This is controlled using two booleans, galera_install_server and galera_install_client, both of which default to false.

  • It is now possible for deployers to enable or disable the mysqlcheck capability. The Boolean option galera_monitoring_check_enabled has been added which has a default value of true.

  • It is now possible to change the port used by mysqlcheck. The integer option galera_monitoring_check_port has been added with the default value of 9200.

  • The MariaDB version has been bumped to 10.2

  • The galera_server role now uses mariabackup in order to complete SST operations due to the fact that this is the recommended choice from MariaDB.

  • The galera_server role now ships with the latest MariaDB release of 10.3.13.

Upgrade Notes

  • The galera_server role now includes the functionality from the galera_client role, and as a result a number of the variables from the galera_client defaults are now available to override in the galera_server role defaults. In addition, a number of default variables have been generalised, removing the specific _client_ or _server_ parts of the names. Users of this role should check that any overrides they are using have the correct variables names for the new combined role.

  • The data structure for galera_gpg_keys has been changed to be a dict passed directly to the applicable apt_key/rpm_key module. As such any overrides would need to be reviewed to ensure that they do not pass any key/value pairs which would cause the module to fail.

  • The default values for galera_gpg_keys have been changed for all supported platforms will use vendored keys. This means that the task execution will no longer reach out to the internet to add the keys, making offline or proxy-based installations easier and more reliable.

Deprecation Notes

  • The compression option in the galera_server role has been removed due to the fact that it is not recommended by MariaDB anymore. This means that all the dependencies from Percona such as QPress are no longer necessary.

  • The following variables have been removed because they are no longer used. * galera_percona_xtrabackup_repo * use_percona_upstream * galera_xtrabackup_compression * galera_server_percona_distro_packages

  • The variable galera_xtrabackup_threads has been renamed to galera_mariabackup_threads to reflect the change in the SST provider.