Rocky Series Release Notes

Upgrade Notes

  • The data structure for galera_gpg_keys has been changed to be a dict passed directly to the applicable apt_key/rpm_key module. As such any overrides would need to be reviewed to ensure that they do not pass any key/value pairs which would cause the module to fail.

  • The default values for galera_gpg_keys have been changed for all supported platforms will use vendored keys. This means that the task execution will no longer reach out to the internet to add the keys, making offline or proxy-based installations easier and more reliable.

New Features

  • The extra packages percona packages used by the ppc64le are now downloaded by the Ansible deployment host by default, as opposed to the target hosts. Once downloaded the packages are pushed up to the target hosts. This behaviour may be adjusted by setting galera_server_extra_package_downloader to target-host. The packages are downloaded to the path set in galera_server_extra_package_path.

Deprecation Notes

  • The following variables have been removed as they no longer serve any purpose.

    • galera_package_arch

    • percona_package_download_validate_certs

    • percona_package_url

    • percona_package_fallback_url

    • percona_package_sha256

    • percona_package_path

    • qpress_package_download_validate_certs

    • qpress_package_url

    • qpress_package_fallback_url

    • qpress_package_sha256

    • qpress_package_path

    The functionality previously using these variables has been transitioned to using a simpler data structure.