Mitaka Series Release Notes


New Features

  • LXC containers will now generate a fixed mac address on all network interfaces when the option lxc_container_fixed_mac is set to true. This feature was implemented to resolve issues with dynamic mac addresses in containers generally experienced at scale with network intensive services.

Bug Fixes

  • LXC containers will now have the ability to use a fixed mac address on all network interfaces when the option lxc_container_fixed_mac is set true. This change will assist in resolving a long standing issue where network intensive services, such as neutron and rabbitmq, can enter a confused state for long periods of time and require rolling restarts or internal system resets to recover.


New Features

  • The LXC container creation process now has a configurable delay for the task which waits for the container to start. The variable lxc_container_ssh_delay can be set to change the default delay of five seconds.


Upgrade Notes

  • The fix for the broken bind mounts in the galera container (see bug 1609862 <> for details) will be applied to the LXC container configuration file, but a restart of each galera container is required to put the change into effect.

    Deployers can use the rolling restart functionality provided in the upgrade playbook within the main OpenStack-Ansible repository.

    Deployers can also shut down and power on galera containers one at a time manually if that method is preferred.

    This will also cause the old error logs in /var/log/mysql_logs in the container to become unavailable since the new bind mount is mounted on top of the existing logs directory within the container. If these logs are critical for a deployer to keep, the deployer should:

    1. Power off one Galera container

    2. Copy the logs from the container’s filesystem to /openstack/log/{{ inventory_hostname }} on the host filesystem

    3. Power on the Galera container

    4. Repeat for the other Galera containers

Bug Fixes

  • The bind mount for logs on the galera container was found to be broken in bug 1609862 <> and it has been fixed.

    NOTE: This fix is partially applied for existing OpenStack-Ansible deployments. See the upgrade section of the release notes for the work required to fully apply the fix.


New Features

  • A new variable has been added to allow a deployer to control the restart of containers via the handler. This new option is lxc_container_allow_restarts and has a default of true. If a deployer wishes to disable the auto-restart functionality they can set this value to false and automatic container restarts that are not absolutely required will be disabled.