Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • If defined in applicable host or group vars the variable container_extra_networks will be merged with the existing container_networks from the dynamic inventory. This allows a deployer to specify special interfaces which may be unique to an indivdual container. An example use for this feature would be applying known fixed IP addresses to public interfaces on BIND servers for designate.

Upgrade Notes

  • As support for Centos-7 is removed from openstack-ansible in the Victoria release it is no longer necessary to support LXC2 configuration syntax in the lxc_container_create ansible role. The version of LXC is now assumed to be 3 or greater, and any LXC configuration keys that are being overriden by the deployer in the variable lxc_container_config_list should be updated to be LXC3 syntax as these will no longer be be converted by ansible code..

Deprecation Notes

  • The following variable name changes have been implemented in order to better reflect their purpose.

    • lxc_host_machine_quota_disabled -> lxc_host_btrfs_quota_disabled

    • lxc_host_machine_qgroup_space_limit -> lxc_host_btrfs_qgroup_space_limit

    • lxc_host_machine_qgroup_compression_limit -> lxc_host_btrfs_qgroup_compression_limit

Bug Fixes

  • When using LXC containers with a copy-on-write back-end, the lxc_hosts role execution would fail due to undefined variables with the nspawn_host_ prefix. This issue has now been fixed.