Queens Series Release Notes


Deprecation Notes

  • The following variable name changes have been implemented in order to better reflect their purpose.

    • lxc_host_machine_quota_disabled -> lxc_host_btrfs_quota_disabled

    • lxc_host_machine_qgroup_space_limit -> lxc_host_btrfs_qgroup_space_limit

    • lxc_host_machine_qgroup_compression_limit -> lxc_host_btrfs_qgroup_compression_limit

Bug Fixes

  • When using LXC containers with a copy-on-write back-end, the lxc_hosts role execution would fail due to undefined variables with the nspawn_host_ prefix. This issue has now been fixed.


New Features

  • The tag options when creating an LXC container have been simplified. The two tags now supported by the lxc_container_create role are lxc-{create,config}.

Upgrade Notes

  • The LXC container create option lxc_container_backing_store is now defined by default and has a value of “dir”. Prior to this release the backend store option was using several auto-detection methods to try and guess the store type based on facts fed into the role and derived from the physical host. While the auto-detection methods worked, they created a cumbersome set of conditionals and limited our ability to leverage additional container stores. Having this option be a default allows deployers to mix and match container stores to suit the needs of the deployment. Existing deployments should set this option within group or user variables to ensure there’s no change in the backend store when new container be provisioned.

Other Notes

  • The LXC container create role will now check for the LXC volume group if the option lxc_container_backing_store is set to “lvm”. If this volume group is not found, the role will halt and instruct the deployer to update their configuration options and inspect their host setup.