Rocky Series Release Notes

New Features

  • If defined in applicable host or group vars the variable container_extra_networks will be merged with the existing container_networks from the dynamic inventory. This allows a deployer to specify special interfaces which may be unique to an indivdual container. An example use for this feature would be applying known fixed IP addresses to public interfaces on BIND servers for designate.

Deprecation Notes

  • The following variable name changes have been implemented in order to better reflect their purpose.

    • lxc_host_machine_quota_disabled -> lxc_host_btrfs_quota_disabled

    • lxc_host_machine_qgroup_space_limit -> lxc_host_btrfs_qgroup_space_limit

    • lxc_host_machine_qgroup_compression_limit -> lxc_host_btrfs_qgroup_compression_limit

Bug Fixes

  • When using LXC containers with a copy-on-write back-end, the lxc_hosts role execution would fail due to undefined variables with the nspawn_host_ prefix. This issue has now been fixed.

New Features

  • In a greenfield deployment containers will now bind link their journals to the physical host machine in the /var/log/journal/{{ machine_id }} location. During an upgrade this change will be added to the container config but will not go into effect until the container is restarted. Because the restart is not forced the operator can perform restarts to best suit the needs of their environment. Journal linking provides operators the ability to log stream and health check containerized systems without having to attach or otherwise login. If this feature is not needed or desired it can be disabled by setting the option lxc_container_journal_link to false.

  • Within the lxc-container-create role the legacy networking scripts have been converted to use systemd-networkd for ubuntu and centos. This gives us a single, common, networking functionality to across multiple distros.

  • All of the pre/post up, and pre/post down adhoc command options have been converted to using systemd “oneshot” services. This conversion allows all supported distros to benifit from the ability to run adhoc commands before and after networking is available on both start-up and shut-down.

  • The variable lxc_user_defined_container has been added to the lxc_container_create role allowing deployers to define the variable file loaded when creating a container. This option defaults to null which will instruct the role to create a container using the OS most closely assosiated with the underlying OS. This option can be set to either one of the roles built-in container types or use any variable file local to the deployment host.

Deprecation Notes

  • The lxc_container_fixed_mac option has been removed and containers will be created with static mac addresses.