2023.2 Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • PowerFlex driver Bug #2013749: Added new error code for powerflex 4.x which was causing this error. Added handling for the new error code returned from Powerflex 4.x when a we try to map a volume which is already mapped.


New Features

  • iSCSI and FCP: Support for different SCSI addressing modes: SAM, SAM-2, and SAM-3 flat addressing. Defaults to SAM/transparent, but cinder drivers can set key addressing_mode in the connection properties to indicate other addressing modes using one of the constants from os_brick.constants.SCSI_ADDRESSING_* as the value.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1609753: Fixed resizing multipath device when user friendly names are ON.

  • Bug #2032177: Handled the issue when one or more paths of a multipath device are down and we try to extend the device. This is addressed by adding an additional check to verify that all devices are up before extending the multipath device to avoid leaving devices with inconsistent sizes.

  • NVMe-oF bug #2016029: The NVMe-oF connector now creates /etc/nvme/hostid when it’s missing from the system. That way the Host ID will persist and always be the same, instead of being randomly generated.

  • NVMe-oF connector bug #2026257: Fixes _get_host_uuid for nvmeof failing when using a btrfs root fs.


New Features

  • FC connector: Added support to force and ignore_errors parameters on disconnect_volume method.