Zed Series Release Notes


New Features

  • iSCSI and FCP: Support for different SCSI addressing modes: SAM, SAM-2, and SAM-3 flat addressing. Defaults to SAM/transparent, but cinder drivers can set key addressing_mode in the connection properties to indicate other addressing modes using one of the constants from os_brick.constants.SCSI_ADDRESSING_* as the value.

Bug Fixes

  • NVMe-oF connector bug #2026257: Fixes _get_host_uuid for nvmeof failing when using a btrfs root fs.


New Features

  • Support separate privsep logging levels. Now services using os-brick can have different log levels for the service and os-brick’s privsep calls. The service usually uses the default “oslo_privsep.daemon” name while os-brick now uses “os_brick.privileged”.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1922052: Fixed missing os-brick DEBUG logs on nova compute service.


New Features

  • FC connector: Added support to force and ignore_errors parameters on disconnect_volume method.


Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1967157: Fixed extending LUKS and LUKSv2 host attached encrypted volumes. Only LUKS v1 volumes decrypted via libvirt were working, but now all LUKS based in-use encrypted volumes can be extended.

  • NVMe-oF connector bug #1964395: Fixed dependence on a specific nvme cli version for proper detection of devices when attaching a volume.

  • NVMe-oF connector bug #1964388: Fixed corner case where it could return the wrong path for a volume, resulting in attaching in Nova the wrong volume to an instance, destroying volume data in Cinder, and other similarly dangerous scenarios.

  • NVMe-oF connector bug #1964385: Fixed disappearance of volumes/devices from the host, with potential data loss of unflushed data, when network issues last longer than 10 minutes.

  • NVMe-oF connector bug #1964380: Fixed support for newer nvme cli exit code when trying to connect to an already subsystem-portal.

  • NVMe-oF connector bug #1964383: Fixed not being able to attach a volume if there was already a controller for the subsystem.

  • NVMe-oF connector bug #1965954: Fixed extend of in-use replicated volumes with a single replica not growing the RAID

  • NVMe-oF connector bug #1964590: Fixed extend failure of in-use volumes with some Cinder drivers.

  • NVMe-oF connector bug #1903032: Fixed not flushing single connection volumes on some Cinder drivers.

  • NVMe-oF connector bug #1961102: Fixed leaving controller devices (i.e., /dev/nvme0) behind on hosts. Now NVMe-oF subsytems are disconnected when disconnecting volumes if the subsytem doesn’t have additional volumes present in the host.


New Features

  • Specific location for os-brick file locks using the lock_path configuration option in the os_brick configuration group. Previously, os-brick used the consuming service’s lock_path for its locks, but there are some deployment configurations (for example, Nova and Cinder collocated on the same host) where this would result in anomalous behavior. Default is to use the consuming service’s lock_path.

    This change requires a consuming service to call the os_brick.setup method after service configuration options have been called.

  • Phase 1 (Native) implementation of NVMeoF Multipathing. See the NVMeoF Multipathing spec for details.

Upgrade Notes

  • Python 3.6 & 3.7 support has been dropped. The minimum version of Python now supported is Python 3.8.

  • To use the os-brick specific file lock location introduced in this release, an external service using the library must call the os_brick.setup method.

  • No longer using systool to gather FC HBA information, so the sysfsutils package is no longer needed.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1888675: Fixed in-use volume resize issues caused by the multipath-tools version.

  • NVMe-oF connector bug #1964379: Fixed using non LUKS v1 encrypted volumes, as once one of such volumes is disconnected from a host all successive NVMe-oF attachments would fail.

  • Bug #1967790: Fixed encryptor’s connect_volume returns and the symlink is pointing to the raw block device instead of to the decrypted device mapper device.

  • NVMe-oF connector bug #1964389: Fixed showing misleading traceback.

  • RBD connector bug #1981455: Fixed AttributeError error on disconnect for RBD encrypted volumes not using host attachments.