Wallaby Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • RBD connector bug #1981455: Fixed AttributeError error on disconnect for RBD encrypted volumes not using host attachments.


Bug Fixes

  • NVMe-oF connector bug #1964379: Fixed using non LUKS v1 encrypted volumes, as once one of such volumes is disconnected from a host all successive NVMe-oF attachments would fail.

  • Bug #1967790: Fixed encryptor’s connect_volume returns and the symlink is pointing to the raw block device instead of to the decrypted device mapper device.

  • NVMe-oF connector bug #1928944: Fixed not returning the right nqn value on get_connector_properties when /etc/nvme/hostnqn doesn’t exist.


Upgrade Notes

  • Services using os-brick need to set the lock_path configuration option in their [oslo_concurrency] section since it doesn’t have a valid default (related bug #1947370).

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1944474: Fixed missing retries to reinitiate iSCSI connections with high concurrency of connections and with multipath enabled.

  • Bug #1947370: Fixed race conditions on iSCSI with shared targets and NVMe connect_volume and disconnect_volume calls.


Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1924652: Fix issue with newer multipathd implementations where path devices are kept in multipathd even after volume detachment completes, preventing it from creating a multipath device when a new device attachment is made shortly with the same volume device or the same device path.

  • NVMe-oF connector bug #1903032: Fixed not flushing device on disconnect.



This release fixes an issue that could cause data loss when the configuration enabling/disabling multipathing is changed on a compute when volumes are currently attached.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1921381: Fix disconnecting volumes when the use_multipath value is changed from the connect_volume call to the disconnect_volume call.


New Features

  • NVMeOF connector: The NVMeOF connector was upgraded in the previous release to support MDRAID replication, but we forgot to mention it. The connector continues to support MDRAID replication in this release.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1915678: Fix unhandled exception during iscsi volume attachment with multipath enabled that resulted in the cinder-volume service becoming stuck and requiring a restart.

  • Bug #1897787: Fix Fibre Channel not flushing volumes on detach when a multipath connection was requested on their attach, but one was not found.

  • Bug #1916264: fixed a regression in the NVMeOF connector that prevented volume attachments for drivers not using MDRAID replication.


New Features

  • RBD volumes can now be attached to Windows hosts and Hyper-V VMs. The minimum requirements are Ceph 16 (Pacific) and Windows Server 2016.

Bug Fixes

  • Add a 10 minutes default timeout to shell commands executed through subprocess to prevent the possibility of them getting stuck forever.


Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1865754: the RBDConnector class generates a temporary configuration file to connect to Ceph. Previously, os-brick did not include a [global] section to contain the options it sets, but with the Octopus release (15.2.0+), Ceph has begun enforcing the presence of this section marker, which dates back at least to the Hammer release of Ceph. With this release, os-brick includes the [global] section in the generated configuration file, which should be backward-compatible at least to Ceph Hammer.