Pike Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Under certain conditions detaching a multipath device may result in failure when flushing one of the individual paths, but the disconnect should have succeeded, because there were other paths available to flush all the data.

    The multipath disconnect mechanism is now more robust and will only fail when disconnecting if multipath would lose data.


New Features

  • Support for setting the scan mode on the Open-iSCSI initiator. If installed iscsiadm supports this feature OS-Brick will set all it’s new sessions to manual scan.

  • New parameters on disconnect_volume named force and ignore_errors can be used to let OS-Brick know that data loss is secondary to leaving a clean system with no leftover devices. If force is not set, or set to False, preventing data loss will take priority. Currently only iSCSI implements these new parameters.

Deprecation Notes

  • The direct use of the encryption provider classes such as os_brick.encryptors.luks.LuksEncryptor continues to be deprecated and will now be blocked in the Queens release of os-brick. The use of out of tree encryption provider classes also continues to be deprecated and will also be blocked in the Queens release of os-brick.

Bug Fixes

  • On systems with scan mode support on open-iSCSI we’ll no longer see unwanted devices polluting our system due to the automatic initiator scan or to AEN/AER messages from the backend.

  • iSCSI connect mechanism refactoring to be faster, more robust, more reliable.

  • iSCSI disconnect refactoring improves reliability, speed, and thoroughness on leaving a cleaner system after disconnection.


New Features

  • Add Veritas HyperScale connector support

Bug Fixes

  • Add support to use custom Ceph keyring files (previously os-brick hardcoded using /etc/ceph/<cluster>.client.<user>.keyring file).